eSports Betting – The Ins and Outs of Online Bookmakers

eSports are booming across the board with decent amount of bickering whether they can indeed be called that. And while some quibble over the minutiae, we are here to offer our sound guidance to a trend they’ve spawned that has been taking over the top betting sites by storm – namely, eSports betting. Placing wagers on the outcome of electronic sports clashes and tournaments may well lead to the accumulation of handsomer profits, provided you know your game.

The experts behind know the main roads and some bypasses that each video game enthusiast turned punter needs in order to make their way across the untrodden landscape. No need to navigate the hazardous terrain on your own, when you can find the right solutions ready at our website.

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Call it a virgin industry, but eSports betting is in bloom. Still, a bit of a murky area where legality is concerned, there is a passel of venues to lay down your bets at and get back solid returns on your investment. Apart from providing you with an exhaustive list of today’s trending bookies, we will also look into some of the subtleties of the industry and the concomitant technologies it has both spawned and decided to use.We will be your guide throughout the craggy expanse throwing our two cents at you on matters such as:

bitcoin betting and how cryptocurrency stand to be a fillip to the dab hands at gambling;

handling your PayPal to maximize your profits at bookies and transferring cash in a secure manner;

mashing your mobile’s keyboards and identifying effortlessly the bankable betting assets out there;

betting on live skirmishes with acumen that far supersedes that of the rookie and the dodgy riff-raff of the betting realms;

Blunt the esports betting sites, bend the bookies

Indeed, it may just be our two pence right there, but before you know it, you will be laden with profits by the sacksful. And why stop there? There is so much to chatter about when it comes to the juicy eSports gambling industry. No need to play coy now, take a deep breath and plunge into the deep to explore the ocean floor for any signs of:

  • where the industry is headed and how you will stay ahead of the curve, while being the first to reap the yields of the fickle mistress that is eSports betting;
  • a breakdown of all major bookies and how familiarity with those leads to juggling tantalizing odds and ultimately squeezing the most out of your investment;
  • how to handle your cash in and out of e-wallets without giving security a second thought and a rigorous examination of betting strategies

There is a trove of betting tips and strategies awaiting you right here, and we encourage to pry open that box, with a sledgehammer.

Outlining today’s betting terrain is tricky. What makes it an even trickier métier is the fact that eSports themselves are rather changeable critters. They spark into live and burst into Oblivion at a cosmic rate. Be not afraid for your local betting experts never fail to identify and point to the rather nippy North of gambling paradise. Some call it ‘terror incognito’, but we see it for what it is – an untapped opportunity.

We will introduce you to what we consider new and exciting grounds for eSports betting, some of the staple titles of the industry as a whole and later on, an overall analysis of the wholeshebang. You look a clever patron, so let us not beat around the bush any longer and cut to the chase.

Top eSports Betting Websites for 2018
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We at introduce you to those new aspects of gambling that we find important, or (neoVerticals of eSports betting as we call them):

the eye-popping cryptocurrency which sent scare not only through the hard-cut world of banking and finance, but also proved a rather nifty value item for those betting on eSports.

eSports mobile appsthese know-it-all devices are devilishly handy when it comes to eSports and eSports betting. As an ‘one of us’ you are perfectly aware of the realities of the punter – we move, we migrate, we want to be satiated on the spot, and no longer like to be called couch potatoes – fried or otherwise! You are ‘one of us’ and you know too well that it is way more pleasant to throw a few wagers or tune in to watch your game on the go.

how to place Live eSports betsLo! This is big! Live eSports betting is upon us, damn right! Look at it, it looms, it is so omnipresent that it hits you in the face well before you knew it even existed. It is true, live betting on eSport staple titles such as League of Legends (LoL), Defense of the Ancients (DOTA), Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is trending. Isn’t that you sweet?

Betting on eSports -  payment and deposit methodsThe world’s most popular and fattest e-wallet is one of the most used paying solutions on eSports gambling websites and as such it deserves a thorough review by your go-to pick-your-betting-website provider. Sure, you will call PayPal a wallet of questionable virtue and negotiable affection, but isn’t that part of its charm? We should think so, huzzah!

Woah! Look at these guys with their fancy make-believe money, savvy of gadgets and sporting their riches in bittaas and bytes. Naturally, the question what the eSports consumer looks like springs to mind. What are the traits of this new beast that draws breath and plays the dance macabre on the razor’s edge?

a description of the average gamer

But all more revealing is the simple fact that in a survey carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in 2016, 22% of women participants in the study on the overall engagement of the general populous with eSports, identified themselves as actively involved in this burgeoning new phenomenon.

general statistics on female gamers

But just about what is eSports betting?

eSports betting is the fortunate upshot of eSports gaining traction across the globe and overcoming physical boundaries as it goes. Much of today’s bookies have pricked their ears to the drumbeat of this onrushing trend and have decided that as every self-respecting (e)sports betting website, they too should have a say in what is slated to be a promising business.

So, eSports betting boils down to throngs of enamored enthusiasts with plenty of disposable income looking for an edge to make a quick buck or revving up the excitement that goes hand-in-hand with spectating an e-sports event.

Electronic sports bear the trappings of traditional sports these days, namely:

  • events command high viewership
  • more people are open to formally recognizing eSports as ‘a thing’, including the International Olympic Committee and other executives from the world of sports
  • salaried professional players who are training rigorously day in and day out to distinguish themselves

Twitch TV statistics on most watched eSports games

Just like betting on traditional sports, the eSports equivalent is looking to expand. New titles are being probed for earning potential, and some forays have been made. Most notably, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDSPLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is a difficult title to miss, not only because it is written in CAPS, but just as well it is the most watched eSports aspiring title on in terms of watched content, elbowing out the mastodon LoL.

In recent years we have seen traditional bookies turn to eSports with a greedy eye. This does not mean, however, that the likes of Bwin, Bovada, Betway, and 888sport sought exclusively personal gain. They opened the sluicegates of online eSports gambling which has been picking up steam.

As an initiated punter, you may find it interesting that these bookies are no longer ‘just’ venues where wagers can be thrown. Au contraire, they offer comprehensive statistics, news and predictions about the industry.

Bwin predicted that more bets would be made on an upcoming LoL tournament than on who would win the 2015 European football Champions League. By following this trend, bookies joined the ranks of eSports betting analysts and enthusiasts.

Top eSportsbooks Betting Odds

It’s always useful to have high odds in your favour

Bookmaker Games Bet Options Odds Livestream Visit
10 60 93% - 95% Bet at Betway
7 40 90% - 94% Bet at Bet365
4 80 90% - 96% Bet at Bovada
6 100 90% - 94% Bet at 888sport
8 60 60% - 70% Bet at Pinnacle
7 40 68%-80% Bet Now

You can have a looksee at some of the highlights we have prepared here:

“eSports has matured over the past few years to the point that it is now on par with some of the leading major sports in terms of viewership, following and interest,” said Alex Igelman, managing director of Gaming Research Partners, in a report.

“At present, some of the key markets for e-sports are Asia and North America (U.S.) – two regions that have prohibitive regulation on betting and from which many firms will not take bets/customers,” Lorien Pilling, research director of Global Betting and Gaming Consultants, speaking for CNBC via email.

Meanwhile others offered their thoughts on the matter:

opinion on eSports and gamers future of eSports

The dissipation of the social stigma continues at full throttle as investors are turning to Forbes for an advice on how to invest into eSports and professional sports club are starting their own digitalised franchises to support esports leagues.


eSports Betting Sites Comparison

eSports Betting is Going LIVE, Baby, and all in Your Mobile!

Oh yes, and it’s alive! Bookies have been laggards in adopting live betting for eSports and their reluctance can be chalked up to the legal bog the segment actually is. All tardiness aside, boy, have the chaps been quick to catch up. Live betting is a thing today and the more it expands the more pronounced the clout of eSports becomes. A number of tie-and-suite sports entrepreneur are now testifying to eSports undeniable resemblance to real-world sports.

Just take this from Blaine Graboyes, CEO of eSports arcade machine maker GameGo: “There is no question that eSports is a ‘sport’ in the same sense as football or baseball. eSports viewership exceeds top traditional sporting events such as the World Series and NBA Final.” Yes, sir, exceeds traditional sporting events. Exceeds.

What are the most tempting events out there to throw hard-earned money at, expecting solid return or just participating in the madness of looking for an outlet of your zealous support for a favorite eSports team?

  • DOTA
  • CS:GO
  • LoL
  • StarCraft II

Those are among the most dynamic games out there which allow for a great spectacle when played at the highest level. Some live betting is kicking for other titles too:

  • Smite
  • World of Warcraft
  • Call of Duty
  • Hearthstone

In fact, any tournament with a large prize pool which promises to bring a pot of winnings for the perceptive eSports bettor.

When setting out to bet on live matches, odds enough will not do. Familiarity with the subject matter is much advised. You are a huge fan of DOTA 2, we take it? So look into the line-up of teams, see if their teams offer for a more aggressive style of play or if it is going to be the turtle build which at some point gathers so much momentum that it squeezes the life out of opponents. Whatever you do, do not go blindly into the unknown, placing First Blood, Map 1 Winner types of bet at a whim.

So, there is plenty of room for, should we call it ‘aggressive expansion’. Consoles and computers are somewhat tied in terms of how many viewers they attract. In the future, consoles may become a valuable way of placing a bet on eSports. Mobiles are meanwhile slated to overtake television and head neck-and-neck with any laggard in the first two slots. There is a good chance that even you are reading this on your mobile, a bit of a curtsy here to our stellar and mobile-compatible webpage right there.

Betting, watching, consuming and ultimately staying up-to-date about latest developments in electronic sports and eSports gambling is an important aspect of the whole gig. We are aware of this fact, and that is why we tailor our recommendations and insights to cater to this inherent need of today’s bettor. Rest assured, our advice is sound and our predictions hit a bull’s eye.

Before you jump to the next category, consider several historic takeaways for the industry as a whole:

  • Live betting is sending ripples across the eSports betting world as the inexorable onslaught of and YouTube continues unabated
  • Amazon coughed up $970m in ready cash (and by all estimates a liver, a kidney, and a god-knows-what bit) to purchase
  • More than 70 million people tune in to watch eSports. Oh, and the audience is slated to increase to 600 million people by 2020. Zoinks!
  • Riot’s League of Legends tournament in 2014 sold out Seoul’s second-largest arena which had previously hosted the 2002 FIFA World Cup
  • Prize pools are now well beyond $10bn (as of 2016, but think of DOTA 2 IT which had $23bn in prize money
  • More people watched the LoL championships in 2015 than the World Series or the NBA finals
  • TV network ESPN decided to go ahead and air a channel entirely dedicated to eSports, on TV

Viewership and interest in eSports will remain a driving factor in determining how much field you have to bet on. By the looks of it, there is many a good place to kick back and empty laden pockets. Moving on, with pounding hearts.

The Ringing of Bitcoins in eSports Online Betting

esports betting with cryptocurrency and bitcoins

Bitcoin. A depressingly expensive currency which has made it to eSports betting. Rejoice, young punter, for you are to be initiated in its secrets. Shelling out bitcoins on eSports is unprobed area by most punters. That is why we have decided to take you on a quick tour. Bear in mind that bitcoin is a top dollar and forewarned is forearmed.

The marriage of Bitcoins and eSports betting is not much of a surprise. Two phenomenon operating outside the confinement of traditions and in some cases, the law, and the two seemed rather destined for each other. Being newly-fangled, Bitcoin betting on electronic sports is narrowed down to a handful of titles, more coming down the pipeline surely. You know them well, to name the usual suspects SC 2, DOTA 2, and CS:GO.

Bitcoins are of course a bit fishy, so netting them might prove, well frustrating. Even then, the majority of eSports betting websites do not accept Bitcoins and they remain a niche market. However, those which do also offer to convert your Bitcoin bet into currency. Ahem, seems promising enough.

There are pitfalls, naturally. Bitcoins are looked down upon from central banks, oh, the word rings ominously!. But it is true and paired with the fact that eSports gambling as a whole may be a contentious point in the United States, we advise extreme caution when going ahead with such dealings. Still, for those who are of an adventurous turn of mind and believe they can spot a winning bet when they see one, we gently direct you in the way of Bitcoin bookies, because it is just ruddy nice to clinch that pot of winnings.

Where is eSports Betting Wallet-y?

‘ere she goes! Juicy that my arteries clog at the mere sight of ‘em! How do we move hard-earned money around with certainty and scott-free? PayPal wrings familiar. The e-wallet, fat as it is, has been adopted massively by most eSports bookies. Most PayPal betting action goes on CS:GO matches.

Before we go any further, we advise you to desist from betting on CS:GO skins as it is a highly contentious point with the favor palpably tilted in the way of the US legal system and irate parents who have been founding out their offspring has squandered thousands of dollars in make-believe, but extremely valuable, stuff.

PayPal offers you to deposit money via a number of accessible and widely-adopted methods:

PayPal also has other fetching characteristics:

  • Users may transfer money between one another, with the rate of such transfers being 2.9 per cent per transaction. The amount could be paid by either the receiver or the sender.
  • Apart from handling your pennies in a secure manner, PayPal also offers a variety of ways to withdraw your precious proceedings:
    • an electronic funds transfer;
    • a PayPal debit card;
  • You benefit from the services of the world’s oldest e-wallet. Security wise, PayPal does a sterling job catching out fraudsters as quickly as conceivable.
  • As a user of PayPal, you benefit from fast and reliable electronic transfer of funds which are executed in the matter of couple days.

PayPal was among the first e-Wallets to endorse eSporrts betting. You are perhaps one of the many people around the world who utilize PayPal to wager on the outcome of prestigious video game competitions.
There is a lot of merit to PayPal and Bitcoins. While PayPal is already an established trend which will be endorsed by any serious eSports betting website that expects to be taken seriously, Bitcoin is still a fledgling event.

The end of the line for eSports betting websites – is nowhere to be seen

It is difficult to talk about bubbles when it comes to eSports betting. Esports, as an industry, is growing in a purely organic matter, meaning that demands drives investment in the segment. However, you know that the involvement of big sponsorship is also an essential drive for what appears to be a wholesome business. As long as developer are willing to invest in their products, investors and a new breed of media will pile on and try to claim the bulk of the current money-flow pie.