Pinnacle eSports Betting Review – A Bookie in Computer Gaming World

One of the leaders in the sportsbook industry, Pinnacle has recently celebrated two successful decades of existence online. The massive success of the brand has allowed it to branch out to a swiftly rising new type of markets – esports. The scene of competitive computer gaming has not only become popular, but profitable as well. It is estimated that in few years, the profits from the eSports sector would generate more than $1.5 billion!

Pinnacle & eSports Betting

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Pinnacle Details
  • Min. Deposit: $10
  • Odds: 60%
  • Live betting
  • Many matches & games
  • Mobile app
  • 24/7 support
  • Live betting
  • No VIP program
  • eSports Betting

  • Bonus Conditions

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E-Sports Games
Payment Methods

Make a Free Account First

Pinnacle sign up screen, make free account

These days if you wish to find out everything about a sportsbook, the most successful way to do so is by signing up for a free personal account. Upon reaching the homepage of Pinnacle, you will see a green button on the top-right corner that says, “Open account”. Once an additional window pops up, it will request a variety of details for you to enter. After filling in all the required fields, you will be able to utilize the full capability of the Pinnacle eSports betting platform.

Properly Licensed and Certified

For a brand that has been on the gambling casino scene for more than twenty years, you can be sure that they will have the proper recognition by the appropriate authorities. In Pinnacle’s case, that comes from the Malta Gaming Authority as well as from the Government of Curacao. In addition to possessing those licenses, Pinnacle is also backed up by the independent audit service organization known as eCOGRA.

Unlock the Power of the Pinnacle eSports Betting App – Pinnacle Lite

Pinnacle mobile app

If you take your sports betting more serious than usual, then you will definitely need a way to browse through the markets and place your bets. Luckily for you, Pinnacle has its own sports betting app which you can download from iTunes (for Apple devices) and the AppStore (for Android devices). The app itself is filled with numerous interesting features, one of which is the “odds alert”, which basically tells you if the odds of a chosen market have reached the level you’ve pre-set beforehand.

Pinnacle Mobile – Instant Online Platform

In addition to having a dedicated application, the Pinnacle sports book brand also offers an outstandingly optimized variant of their website for mobile device users. The interface of the markets is changed for maximum convenience, placing the markets with available odds and bets in the middle, with functions and search filter elements on the left. Definitely a big hit for Pinnacle.

Available Markets

Pinnacle gives all punters the chance to bet on any of the seventeen market sections present on the website. You will find Aussie Rules, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Chess, Cricket, Cycling, eSports, Football, MMA, Rugby League, Rugby Union. Snooker, Soccer, Table Tennis, Tennis, and Volleyball. Naturally, Soccer offers the largest collection of markets, by providing bettors with the opportunity to bet on large championships such as FIFA and UEFA, as well as on smaller league events.

eSports Markets

Here we come to a very significant part of Pinnacle’s betting opportunities. This operator pays special homage to the best-known video games of all times, and this is why the chances of you finding a market of your liking here are very big. The Pinnacle eSports betting section contains markets from the most famous titles in the Electronic Sports League scene.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Considered to be one of the best FPS (first person shooter) on the planet, Counter-Strike, or as it is more famously known CS:GO, has had six large tournaments, and every year the prize pool and spectators are getting even larger in number. Last year’s edition of the tournament brought $1mln to the winning team. CS:GO markets are based on team competition, so punters will be able to make the following bets – win/lose, handicap, over/under. Naturally, accumulator bets will be available as well.

DOTA 2 – Defence of the Ancients

A type of a strategy game, DOTA 2 is renowned as the highest paid tournament in the history of eSports. The largest prize pool it has ever had was $24 million. Every annual event is hosted by the ESL and sees attendance in the millions. Because of such a high-profile market, there are many market opportunities for every match played: first blood, 1st to 10 kills, win/lose, etc. Punters will also have the ability to place over/under and handicap bets.

League of Legends

Considered to be one of the “big three” games in ESL history, League of Legends players are in the millions, with that many spectators for every official tournament there is. Pinnacle eSports betting always presents market opportunities to punters who in most cases happen to be fans of the game as well. While the prize pool wasn’t as large as the one offered in DOTA 2, it is still around $4.5 million.

Heroes of the Storm

Reminiscent of DOTA 2 and League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm had carved its own way into the professional gaming scene. Having its own leagues and competitions, HOTS matches are regularly present in the market roster of Pinnacle’s’ eSports betting section. The global finals of Heroes of the Storm, have generated one million dollars for previous competitions, making it noteworthy for all punter-action seekers.

The ESL Competitions Revisited

A large number of competitions which are present in the Pinnacle eSports betting market section are usually hosted by the Electronic Sports League. After a general lack of an organization that would officiate major gaming events, the ESL was formed in 2009, and today serves as an official standard for any type of game that has a major following among players and viewers. Below, are some of the competitions that may be covered in the esports market section of Pinnacle.

ESL Play championship event logo

The ESL Play

While most tournaments and markets feature professional teams and individual participants, the ESL Play is a championship event that is opened even for beginners. Pinnacle eSports might not feature markets from “Play” that cover matches between complete beginners, as there isn’t enough information on their play styles to determine proper odds; in any way, since this competition is considered to be open for everyone, pro-players are known to make an appearance.

ESL Pro league logo

ESL Pro Leagues

Just as the name implies, the pro leagues are reserved only for players that have proven themselves on the esports scene, and you can be sure that every match played there will be reflected in Pinnacle’s esports market section. The games which are usually played in the Pro Leagues series, are CS:GO, Rocket League, Hearthstone, and a few other titles which aren’t present in Pinnacle’s market roster.

ESL Wire Anti Cheat logo

Technology Behind ESL Matches

The reason why many sportsbooks like to feature matches that are hosted by ESL, is that the League has created a piece of software that prevents players from cheating on and offline, known as the ESL Wire Anti Cheat. The developers integrated further API upgrades to their anti-cheat systems, making it so effective, that Microsoft later introduced it to its Xbox brand.

Taking Punts – Bet Slip Features

If you’re just visiting the website and you wish to see the layout of the bet slip, you won’t be able to. The only way to gain access to the bet slip function is to register an account. Once you do, any odd you click on will make the bet slip appear on the right side of the screen. The bet slip element will have two main buttons on top showing the current status of your bets, as well as another called “open bets”, from where you can see any bets that are waiting to be resolved on the active markets.

The bet slip itself offers single and multiple bets. There is also a function that says “accept better odds” so you won’t need to worry that you constantly have to keep track of all the markets you placed a wager on. The standard wager calculation features are there, so if you want to know what your wind would be on a specific odd, simply input the desired amount, and you will see a calculated total win on the bottom.

Odds and Bets

eSports betting possibilities

When it comes to odds and bets, things seem relatively simple here at Pinnacle. The most common sports betting odds you will find here, are win/lose/draw, over/under bets, and special rules. Compared to other sportsbooks, the number of betting possibilities isn’t that much impressive but bear in mind that every sport will have its title-specific markets.

Available Odds Formats

Pinnacle gives its eSports betting enthusiasts the ability to see the markets the way they want to. An option change allows punters to switch between decimal, American, and percentage format, allowing for maximum convenience when searching for the right odds. Players can change the displayed format of their odds at any given point in time.

Live Streaming of Matches and Games

Upon closer inspection of the website, we were a bit disappointed to discover that no live streaming services were offered. We decided to delve deeper into the topic and went as far as to contact a customer support representative, and they regretfully informed us that they do not have any live streaming at the moment. Plans for the introduction of such a feature have not been announced.

No Simulation Mode

Most sportsbooks online do give the ability to any website guests to actually try the mechanics of betting. A special section is made on the website where people would bet “fun money” and see what the payouts will be based on the odds they have placed their bets on. Those can be real markets or made up ones, however, Pinnacle isn’t one of the sportsbooks that have any type of simulation mode.

Sportsbook Bonuses

Pinnacle offer an arbitrage betting

Fortunately, and unfortunately, Pinnacle doesn’t offer any types of bonuses! This may come as a surprise to some, but with recent changes in the business policy of many sportsbooks, terms and conditions regarding any bonuses have drastically changed. As a punter, you won’t have to worry about it though, because Pinnacle has a different way of rewarding punters for their action.

While you shouldn’t expect any menial free bets, Pinnacle gladly offers a reduced pricing margin model. What this means, is that they provide a better value beyond the “true odds” so any player actually has a viable chance for winning. The best odds will always be with the lowest margins, so you will have a wonderful opportunity to start wagering in any way you feel comfortable.

Country Restrictions

Just like any online casino or eSports betting site online, there will be a number of countries that are going to be banned from accessing, registering, and playing here. Pinnacle limits the following countries: USA and all its territories, France and all its territories, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and all its territories, Germany, Singapore, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Denmark, the Philippines, Syria, Turkey, Poland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Sudan, Australia and all its territories, Italy, and Iran.

The Customer Service is On Point

Punters will be able to get in touch with Pinnacle’s customer service section, which is available 24/7, right away via e-mail or live chat function. Should you have any questions regarding Pinnacle in general, the live chat support agents will answer in less than a minute and will help you resolve everything from registration issues to helping you understand what a particular feature of the website means.

Support Phone Live Chat Email Rating Visit
+599 9433-8725 [email protected]
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Banking Options – How to Deposit and Withdraw

Pinnacle Banking Options In Detail
Accepts Credit/Debit Cards
Accepts Popular eWallets:
Payout Time: up to 10 business days
Max. Withdrawal: $50 000
Pinnacle Payment Methods: Visa, MasterCard, Netteler, Bank Transfer, Others

One of the wonderful features of the Pinnacle sportsbook is that it operates in 20 currencies, even with such denominations that come from countries with restricted access. Pinnacle is also one of the few sportsbooks on the online market that operates with Bitcoin, so cryptocurrency punters are always welcome. There are 28 methods which you can utilize to deposit money, the same goes for the withdrawal of winnings, with only a few exceptions.

Pinnacle accepts all major credit/debit card brands, e-wallet service providers, direct bank transfers, and checks. Bear in mind that all transaction methods will have their own speed of transfer, some might have withdrawal or deposit fees, and maybe both. The best way to determine which way is more comfortable to you is to visit the website and navigate to the banking options page – registration for this feature won’t be required.

More Advantages Than Drawbacks

It is fair to say that Pinnacle doesn’t have quite a lot in terms of quantity, and that is perhaps for the better reason. What this eSports betting site is lacking, it definitely makes up for it by delivering an outstanding quality of services. First and foremost, Pinnacle is rated as being number 1 in performing payouts, and this is one of the major benefits of this sportsbook.

While consecutive winners are usually shunned in other sportsbooks, here they are more than welcome, but that’s not the end of it – the sportsbook allows the placement of outstandingly high bets which can reach up to the tenths of thousands. Another serious advantage is that Pinnacle accepts players who do arbitrage betting, as the company believes that it makes their own platform better; and it does.

Moving Even Further

What makes this sportsbook stand out from the rest is its outstanding commitment to its philosophy that they welcome winners and successful players. This operator has a constant tendency to become better, as we have witnessed with the introduction of the Pinnacle eSports betting section and many other features. If you really wish to try your luck in a proper environment, then Pinnacle is definitely the place to be.


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